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Our Mission

The Bemidji Career Academies create unique learning opportunities for students and business/industry partners to collaborate and prepare the next generation of employees and community leaders.

Our Vision

Pathway for every student to succeed and thrive in our community.

Top 5 Reasons Students Should Join!

  • Self-Exploration
  • Instill Value For All Work
  • Collaboration with Partners
  • We Support curiosity to Explore Careers
  • Relevant Learning Experiences

What We Do

Equipping students with the skills necessary to obtain high-skilled employment is top priority for Bemidji Area Schools! Through community collaboration and intentional coursework design, Bemidji Career Academies allow students the opportunity to thrive in today’s workforce and furthered education.


Bemidji Career Academy students will be given the opportunity to assess their skills and talents as they pertain to the world of work, build skills transferable to the workplace by taking courses specific to their chosen Career Academy, access free college courses while in high school to help prepare for higher education.

Career Academies

Register for Academies during registration. You can sign up for as many academies as you would like. Completing all the required courses in a particular academy earns you a medallion at the end of your senior year. Remember, you do not have to complete all the courses to gain valuable insights, knowledge and real world experiences in many different career paths!

Explore one or many academies! Not sure what you want to do after graduation? Already know what you want to be? Find your passion and start preparing for your dream career! Make the most out of your time at BHS! Reach out to our staff with any questions you may have! We'd love to help you prepare for your future!

Work Seminar: Academic & Technical Literacy

Work Seminar is an on-campus business course used in conjunction with Internship and Work-Based Learning experiences. Students interested in obtaining high school credit through Interning should register for Work Seminar. This course gives students the opportunity to explore various careers and build essential foundational skills in the areas of problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking. Aptitude and personality analysis are explored along with work safety, resume building, interview preparation, and budgeting. Soft skills taught throughout the course include: responsibility at the workplace, taking initiative, reliability, workplace ethics, and communication skills.

School-to-Work Connection

Job Shadow, Internship, and Work-Based Learning experiences provide students an opportunity to build career awareness while earning high school credit for the experience. Students are screened prior to approval for these experiences.

In addition to career exploration and preparation, the on-campus Work Seminar course includes foundational knowledge and work-readiness skills with a goal of developing critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving abilities. Aptitude and personality analyses are incorporated, along with safety, responsibility, resume and interview preparation.

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Construction Clas at Bemidji Highschool
Health Careers Class with student


“The IT, Art, and Natural Resources career academies have helped me to explore careers that have interested me since the start of high school, I was lost on what to do before coming to the high school and what I will be doing after I graduate. Taking these academies has helped to further my knowledge into career paths that I would like to go into, I enjoyed shadowing and being able to get a hands-on learning experience that helped me to see what a career in the IT field would be like. I enjoyed takin the classes that helped me to further my knowledge and help me to gain experience.”

- Curtis Miller

“The Business Management Academy has helped us greatly. It has given us the opportunity to not only learn more in depth about business fields, but it has provided us with real world experiences. We were given the opportunity to go out in the community and see a real business dynamic in person. That opportunity helped us decide that the business world was a career path we would like to pursue in the future. Graduating in the Business Management Academy increased our likelihood of receiving scholarships. We truly enjoyed participating in the Business Management Academy.”

– Anika H. & Isabel L.

“I did not know anything about electricity, so I am glad I had the opportunity to take AC/DC Electrical Systems. This training will help anyone because so much of what you learn you will use the rest of your life whether it is hooking up tractor hydraulics or wiring a parallel electrical circuit in your shop.”

– Corbin M.

“The best part of this training was the hands-on skills demonstrations in the lab. The instructors did not mind sitting down with you and sharing their knowledge and experiences. They tell it straight and they have a great sense of humor.”

– Hunter E.

“I found myself learning things that I had no prior interest in and I learned useful things that I know will help me in the future. I learned how to read hydraulic and electrical schematics and how to use a digital multimeter!”

– Ross B.

“I would recommend this training to anybody who wants a good set of fundamental knowledge in electrical and hydraulic systems.”

– Cody A.

Our Supporting Sponsors

Our goal is to build a pipeline of candidates from our qualified young academy graduates to enter the workforce and work with our Greater Bemidji Business and Industry companies. To become a sponsor, please contact Brian Stefanich at 218-209-0314 or email.