Child Care & Education

The Child Care and Education Career Academy is a skills/attitude-based program designed to assist graduating students in acquiring knowledge, skills, and appreciations essential to working in the fast-paced and rapidly changing field of education and child care. Credits earned in this academy will help the graduate enroll in a two-year Associate of Arts Program designed to prepare candidates for a career as a paraprofessional educator, daycare provider, educator.

Job Outlook


Required Courses

  • Child Care and Education
  • Child in the Family
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Psychology
  • Play Unified, Live Unified
  • Work Seminar
  • Real-World Experience

Recommended Courses

  • AP Psychology
  • American Sign Language I
  • American Sign Language II
  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • College Writing I
  • Introduction to Sculpture
  • Art I Drawing
  • Global Perspectives

Career Options

Daycare and Preschool learning programs are a rapidly growing area of employment. Paraprofessional educators are often employed by school districts and private education agencies to help students succeed in coursework and academic/personal challenges.

Job Skills

In addition to having job-related skills, employers expect their paraprofessional educators to have other skills such as:

  • Listening Skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Digital Citizenship
    Problem-solving Skills
  • Time Management
  • Manage Instructional Resources
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity

Postsecondary Programs

Upon Successful completion of this program, trainees are eligible for enrollment in college, community college, or technical college programs in programs that will lead to careers as a childcare provider, paraprofessional, and educator.


Nora Sellheim

Nora Sellheim is a graduate of Grand Forks Red River. Her Bachelor’s Degree is from North Dakota State University where she ran both cross country and track. Prior to moving to Bemidji in 2016, Nora taught Culinary Arts for five years in Oregon. At Bemidji High School, Nora teaches Foods For Today, Ethnic Foods, Food Nutrition and Wellness, Child in the Family, Child Care and Education, Own Your Own, Consumer Clothing, Advanced Clothing, Fashion Merchandising, Nutrition for Athletic Performance, and Unified Foods for Today. In her free time, Nora enjoys spending time with her family and being physically active.

Business and Industry Experiences/Partners

Students in the academy will study how children learn. Students will learn how a child’s growth and development is affected positively and negatively by the child’s environment and the care the child receives. They will job shadow in various paraprofessional roles and successfully complete a semester internship in an educational or daycare setting. They may participate in paraprofessional educator training offered by Bemidji Area School and will be considered for employment at the conclusion of their AA/postsecondary program.

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